"I enjoyed playing this game. I didn’t realize how addicting it was until after I was tempted to play it while i was a passenger riding in a car to pass the time."

"All things considered, I still recommend it. It’s challenging and it’s a great time waster. It’s just fun!"

"The dialogue between Zarlax and Gary is comedy gold and light hearted. The news anchor is just as funny as well. A very nice addition to story mode rather just throwing puzzle after puzzle at me."

"Chromodyne is one of the most unique puzzle game that I have played, and most difficult as well. If you are looking for a challenge then get Chromodyne right now you won’t be disappointed."

"Buy Chromodyne, Now!"

"I must admit that I am truly addicted. Just as it was in
Tetris when you would clear a line, the gratification that I receive from matching in this puzzle keeps me going strong every time."

"The best way to describe the character of this title is by using the adjective “refreshing.” (e.g. Chromodyne has a refreshing sense of humor.)"

"Like most match 3 games it is also rather addictive. Initial play was supposed to be for around an hour or so. The reality was, 3 hours later my iPod battery died! Chromodyne, definitely exudes that all important match 3 pick up and playability."

"There is much to like about Chromodyne. The gameplay is simple, a feature usually desired for a match-3, block elimination game, and the gameplay presentation is very original, a feature very hard to come by for a match-3, block elimination game. On top of that, Zarlax's dialogue and the news reports on Earth are hilarious. Colin Walsh definitely has a penchant for wit."

"Fans of this sort of puzzle game should all give Chromodyne a try. Most likely it will remain on your iPhone for quite some time, at least until Zarlax is thwarted for good."

"Our Rating: :: WORTH A LOOK

Chromodyne puts a refreshing twist on match-3. With vibrant visuals, and a great soundtrack, it’s a pretty polished title. It could just do with a few more little things ..."

"A refreshing title to watch, which (in my opinion) can only get better."

"Grade - C, Good

At times it may be a little fiddly, but overall it's worth the effort. It's a pick up and play puzzler with a lot of heart."


"I encourage anyone with an iPhone to check out the game’s official website and watch the videos, maybe this is something that will intrigue you."

"Just when we thought the match three barrel had had its bottom scrapped right through, along comes another game that miraculously manages to do something new with the formula."

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