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The current major build of Drifter is 0.8.x (code name "Event Horizon") and the current minor build is 0.8.2

Release Notes

Historical release notes

Previous versions

0.8.3 - 02 July 2017

  • Switched to SDL 2 finally!
    • SDL 2 behaves better in general
    • Many graphics settings now take effect immediately
    • Initial improved resolution handling
    • More resolution improvements soon in 0.8.x
    • Please report any issues you have!
  • Adjusted ore processing yields
    • Accounts for reduced weight/price of metals from previous updates

0.8.2 - 28 June 2017

  • Initial Pilot Attributes
    • Attributes now exist in the game
    • Skills now exist in the game
    • You can't interact with them much yet!
    • You can view the Pilot Status UI though
    • Attributes will expand in 0.8.x
    • Initial Skills will be added in 0.8.x too
  • Initial Pilot Status UI's
    • Displays initial attribute skill trees
    • Displays initial factions reputation
  • Improved the HUD visuals and options
    • more HUD polish!
    • HUD now anchors at the corners when scaling
    • HUD now has X and Y offset for direct control!
  • Start tracking pilot specifics
    • Pilots now have factions, attributes and skills
    • Currently only used by the player
    • This will later be used by AI (but not yet)
  • More work on procedural planets
    • Added earth-like planet as a teaser
    • Making the planet editor lua scripted
  • Improved planet loading and unloading
    • Will make a difference in subsequent updates!

0.8.1 - 14 May 2017

  • Initial faction system implementation!
    • Factions now exist in the game
    • You can't interact with them yet!
    • Initial territory capital selection
    • Initial procedural territory expansion
    • Initial territory visualization in galaxy view
    • Faction system will be fleshed out in 0.8.x
    • Faction specific missions on the way
    • Factions will be player joinable
  • Added keyboard shortcuts
    • Galaxy Map - G
    • System Map - H
    • Jump Console - J
    • Ship Menu - O
    • Comms Menu - K

0.8.0 - 26 Mar 2017

  • New Ship Status UI in the ship menu
    • Displays all equipment installed on the ship
    • Displays current ship statistics and status
  • New HUD mail message notifications
    • Messages now display read/unread state
    • Displayed on the bottom left of the HUD
    • And in the top left of the station headers
  • New jump status information in the HUD
  • New icons in the starmap and station views
  • Ship menu now has icons and is neater
  • New procedural mission system
    • Missions are now fully scripted!
    • This build includes improved versions of all existing mission types
    • With the new system, mission types and variation will get rapidly better
    • Missions now visually formatted
    • Missions now send you mail when completed
    • Missions now display HUD messages
    • Missions now check and display requirements
      • i.e If you don't have cargo space for the mission item
    • Missions now have random mission-specific responses
    • Mission information in active list is now dynamic
      • i.e Distance to targets, etc
    • Missions display objectives more clearly
    • Missions display state more clearly
      • i.e Patrol missions show waypoint progress
      • Information displayed by mission is mission specific
      • Completion deadlines for urgent missions are clearer
    • Terminate missions now spawn the enemy when close
      • Fixes mission specific NPC's being killed before you arrive
  • UI polish and improvements
    • Main menu and pause menus visually polished
    • UI headers now display in all station views
    • Starmap search field now auto focuses
    • Plot course and View system buttons in Starmap Search
    • All tables and views polished further
    • Assets view shows ship icon
    • More scrollbar momentum and click improvements
    • Can no longer use jump console while jump state is active
    • Can no longer view the local station as a remote station
    • Can no longer load when no save is selected


The following list of bugs/incorrect behavior is known to exist in the current build. Below that is a list of bugs that are known and have been fixed for the next build.

Please report any bugs you encounter that haven't been noted here either via. the Drifter Backer Forums or via email to

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed certain missions not completing automatically
  • Fixed scroll reset bug on Buy/Sell click in market
  • Fixed crash on new game/loading after having died
  • Fixed mail notification not being reset on new game
  • Fixed crashes from lua stack overflows
  • Fixed Tables and Text views scroll resets
  • Fixed re-docking timer counting when it shouldn't
  • Fixed some station collision shape issues
  • Fixed some stability and memory allocation bugs
  • Fixed dropdown menus being broken
  • Fixed system state clean up where ghost stations could persist
  • Fixed search dialog incorrectly popping up from remote system view
  • Fixed Jump Override slider updating when open and timer expires
  • Jump state save caused some ships to become “stuck”
  • Afterburner sound no longer stays active while paused
  • Table sorting now works (again!)

0.8.3 preview


0.8.2 preview


Previous 0.8.x previews

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