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The following are the historical release notes for Drifter 0.7.x (code name "Defiant").

Release Notes

0.7.2 - 10 Mar 2017

  • Added ship specific icons to Ship Dealer menu
  • JoyPointer centers on item transfer popups and Ok/Cancel dialogs
  • Added alert when trying to buy/sell items that are not available
  • Continued polishing the UI
    • Improved visual clarity in a lot of the UI
    • Adjusted and improved ship inventory table
    • Fixed a few layout bugs added in 0.7.1 (key maps etc.)
  • Scrollable widgets now greatly improved
    • All text views, dropdowns and scroll views unified for parity
    • Scroll bounce back and momentum now consistent
    • Scrollbars now also draggable by the handle

0.7.1 - 25 Feb 2017

  • Finished adding initial Material Synthesis
    • New metachip items and icon
    • 21 new (initial) recipes added
    • More will be added in future updates
    • Synthesis will still be balanced/tweaked
  • Console has been updated to match UI look and feel
  • HUD gauges have been improved
    • Circles are more circular
    • Colors tweaked
    • Spacing tweaked
  • Game UI tables have been improved!
    • Market tables are now sortable
    • Column layout and spacing improved
    • Long text now truncates properly
    • Added icons to starmap search, assets, messages, missions, ship dealers and more
    • Display current/viewed station in Assets
    • Improved layout of ship cargo hold manager

0.7.0 - 8 October 2016

  • New trailer and screenshots
  • New (much better) starfield background
  • New UI and HUD color scheme and fonts
  • New ship radial menu colors and design
  • New ship radial menu icons for jump, stop, system, dock
  • New “joypointer” for better controller UI interaction
  • New integrated UI for Station interiors
  • New interior for material synthesis
  • New interior transitions with fades and audio
  • New docking sequence including docking animation
  • New fade transition on undocking, and rotating stars in bay
  • Player now lands in docking bay instead of the station hub
  • Player ship now docked in docking bay, with idle animation
  • Improved Odyssey model and texture
  • Improved pilot quarters and docking bay interior
  • Improved main and pause menu design
  • Improved station info bar
  • Improved item detail popover
  • Improved ship info block in Docking Bay
  • Improved sliders ui with a border
  • Improved ship display size in Ship Market and Ship Fitting
  • Improved star halo
  • Added comma separators to ship equipment amounts and prices in market
  • Added item detail popup for remote market view
  • Added Star halos and planetary atmosphere in system map
  • All current equipment and item icons are complete!
    • All existing icons polished up
      • 17 new icons
      • Antimatter, Trilumin, Fusion Reactors, Chemical Processors
      • Mining Laser, Particle Beam, Gamma Beam, Neutron Lancer
      • Industrial Robots, Iron, Molybdenum, Adamantine
      • Station, Colony and Ship Components
      • Farm Animals, Domestic Animals
  • Implemented 99% of Material Synthesis functionality and UI
    • 0.7.x weekly builds will contain usable implementation


The following list of bugs/incorrect behavior is known to exist in the current build. Below that is a list of bugs that are known and have been fixed for the next build.

Please report any bugs you encounter that haven't been noted here either via. the Drifter Backer Forums or via email to contact@celsiusgs.com.

Fixed Bugs

  • Music thread cleans up properly on exit
    • Linux version no longer throws OpenAL errors on exit
  • Game no longer crashes when using Jump Console without a Jumpdrive installed
  • Music changes properly when loading an in-space save from within a station
  • 3D UI hides when menus open in Material Synthesis
  • No more phantom scene UI clicks in Pilot Quarters
  • Fixed Hull Repair Unit bug that would cause ship attributes to not be reset properly upon docking
  • Fixed various memory related bugs caught in code
  • Fixed memory leak in scene system
  • Fixed Rogue Librarian mission being incompletable

0.7.2 preview


Previous 0.7.x previews

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