Drifter 0.8.3 is out!

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Drifter 0.8.3 is out!

Postby CGSColin » Mon Jul 03, 2017 1:26 am


Drifter 0.8.3 is now live on Humble and Steam! This is the fourth release in the 0.8.x series, codename "Event Horizon".

We've finally converted the game to use SDL2 instead of SDL1 which means the game should handle monitors and resolution changes a lot more smoothly than before. Also while it's not 100% there yet it should better handle Retina/HiDPI displays as well. Eventually we will be switching over to the SDL2 method of handling gamepads/joysticks which should mean a lot better support there for auto-detecting controllers and all that good stuff.

In addition to SDL2 we adjusted the yields in ore processing to reflect the changes that were made a while back to the weights and prices on a number of metals. Hopefully this should make mining profitable again.

0.8.3 also features a number of bug fixes which should improve stability and the ability to complete certain missions.

What follows is a list of what's new, changed and fixed!

  • Switched to SDL 2 finally!
    • SDL 2 behaves better in general
    • Many graphics settings now take effect immediately
    • Initial improved resolution handling
    • More resolution improvements soon in 0.8.x
    • Please report any issues you have!
  • Adjusted ore processing yields
    • Accounts for reduced weight/price of metals from previous updates
  • Fixed certain missions not completing automatically
  • Fixed scroll reset bug on Buy/Sell click in market
  • Fixed crash on new game/loading after having died
  • Fixed mail notification not being reset on new game

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