Drifter 0.6.14 is out!

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Drifter 0.6.14 is out!

Postby CGSColin » Sun Sep 18, 2016 4:42 am


Drifter 0.6.14 is now live on Humble as well as Steam!

There's probably not going to be a build next weekend as we're pretty much in the final stretch for 0.7.0 and instead we'll be pushing on finalizing that so we can get it out before the month is over!

That said this week we've still got some new icons and a bunch of solid bugfixes lined up.

The full details as to what's new in 0.6.14 are listed below and are also over on the wiki: http://celsiusgs.com/drifter/wiki/Curre ... Known_Bugs

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Re: Drifter 0.6.14 is out!

Postby Curithwin » Thu Oct 06, 2016 1:39 pm

I must have missed this update, sorry can not wait for the material synthesis system. ;)
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