Drifter 0.7.1 is out!

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Drifter 0.7.1 is out!

Postby CGSColin » Sat Feb 25, 2017 6:12 am


Drifter 0.7.1 is now live on Humble as well as Steam!

The biggest thing is Material Synthesis is now fully functional! There's still quite a lot of polishing and balancing to be done but now that I'm back on track we'll be doing that in the next few weeks.

Feel free to head to an Industrial type system and have a poke around. Right now I have blueprints for the new "synthesis materials" which are basic building blocks of a lot of more complicated recipes and there are blueprints for the currently available weapons in the game. Eventually there will be blueprints for new weapons and equipment which may not be readily available for purchase :steamhappy:

Note that nothing is really well balanced and it's all subject to change but I'd love to get some feedback for what you think based on what's there.

The full details as to what's new in 0.7.1 are listed below and are also over on the wiki: http://celsiusgs.com/drifter/wiki/Curre ... Known_Bugs

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Re: Drifter 0.7.1 is out!

Postby Curithwin » Sat Feb 25, 2017 8:11 am

Excellent, Have to have a play.
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