Drifter 0.8.1 is out!

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Drifter 0.8.1 is out!

Postby CGSColin » Sun May 14, 2017 3:17 am


Drifter 0.8.1 is now live on Humble and Steam! This is the second release in the 0.8.x series, codename "Event Horizon".

In addition to a number of bug fixes we've finally completed the initial implementation of the faction system. You can't interact with it just yet but once factions are fully implemented it will allow all kinds of interesting things like faction specific missions, equipment and ships.

  • Initial faction system implementation!
    • Factions now exist in the game
    • You can't interact with them yet!
    • Initial territory capital selection
    • Initial procedural territory expansion
    • Initial territory visualization in galaxy view
    • Faction system will be fleshed out in 0.8.x
    • Faction specific missions on the way
    • Factions will be player joinable
  • Added keyboard shortcuts
    • Galaxy Map - G
    • System Map - H
    • Jump Console - J
    • Ship Menu - O
    • Comms Menu - K
  • Fixed some stability and memory allocation bugs
  • Fixed dropdown menus being broken
  • Fixed system state clean up where ghost stations could persist
  • Fixed search dialog incorrectly popping up from remote system view
  • Fixed Jump Override slider updating when open and timer expires

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Re: Drifter 0.8.1 is out!

Postby Curithwin » Sun May 14, 2017 8:05 am

Oh I am looking forward to further faction developments. Great going!
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