Celsius Game Studios is a small independent video game development studio located in St. John's, Canada and our goal is to build a sustainable business making awesome video games of all shapes and sizes. Though, if we're honest, it's mostly been space-themed games up until this point. That'll probably change though!

Up until recently Celsius merely consisted of Colin Walsh, but thanks to the magic of Kickstarter he was able to bring the multi-talented Sven Bergström on board to help make art for Celsius' upcoming space trading game Drifter. The next step, once Drifter has been properly released, is to grow the studio so we can take on even more interesting projects and build a great company that everyone involved is proud and happy to be a part of!

Perhaps you'd like to contact us? I'd suggest sending an email to contact[at]celsiusgs.com. That would probably achieve that goal with maximum efficiency.

The Team

Colin Walsh (@celsiusgs) is the captain of the good ship Celsius and when he's not busy double-fist-punching ill-tempered lizard men or making a nuisance of himself on Twitter he can be found doing a bunch of game design and programming and game studio... running.

Sven Bergström (@___discovery) is Celsius' resident artist and creator of usernames that generate confusion when spoken aloud. The rumors that he is a viking prince remain unconfirmed.