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This list will be used most of the time to send out news and updates about our games. Occasionally we might also send out some offers for free stuff from time to time, but we promise we won't be obnoxious about it. If you think we're cool you should totally sign up so we can stay in touch. Which would be cool.

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We Sell Games, Not Email Addresses

Celsius Game Studios will not share, sell, rent or otherwise disclose the personal information of our subscribers without their advance permission, unless otherwise ordered by a court of law. The law has prisons and guns and handcuffs, so we may have to make exceptions for them.

Our Emails Won't Annoy

We realize that we are not the most important people in your life, so you will only be contacted regarding new game releases, major updates, and the occasional offer of free things (contests for example). Expect maybe one or two emails a month, and that's if we're feeling feisty.