Red Nova was nominated for 7 awards in the 2010 Best App Ever Awards including Best App.

It was also named one of the best iPhone shooters and was voted one of the 50 best games of 2010 by The APPera

"It has an interesting premise, one of the smartest control schemes I've seen,
Game Center integration for high score bragging rights, and above all else it's just a blast to play."
- TouchArcade

"Red Nova may only be limited to the single gameplay mode, but its execution is almost flawless and perfectly suited for all iDevices." - AppSpy

"From the superb control scheme to all of the small enhancements mentioned earlier in the review it is clear that Red Nova is, indeed, a very professional product." - 148Apps

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Red Nova Episode 1 Trailer
Red Nova Episode 2 Trailer
Red Nova Gameplay
Episode 1 Trailer
Episode 2 Trailer
Red Nova Gameplay

About Red Nova

Red Nova is a 2D inertial arcade style space shooter with 3D graphics for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Episode 1: First Contact is an endless survival shooter and Episode 2: Mercy is a tactical combat mission involving protecting disabled capital ships and rescuing their crew from an alien mothership and its fighters. Future episodes will be released as free updates to the game and will comprise different game modes and missions.

The Story So Far

Episode 1: First Contact

While on a routine mission to test a number of prototype fighters destined to replace the Earth Colonial Fleet's aging Starhawk, the ECS Red Nova, your carrier, comes across an unknown alien fleet preparing to stage a sneak attack on the human colonies!

In order to give the Red Nova a chance to escape and warn the rest of the fleet you have volunteered to attack the aliens head-on. With a choice of any of the fighters on deck, you have to use your wits, your guns, and your ample supply of homing missiles to survive for as long as you can!

Episode 2: Mercy

The alien invasion of the human colonies has begun!

Reports are coming in that a massive alien mothership has begun an assault on the shipyards at Gamma Crucis, a mere 88 light years from Earth. It has disabled the fleet there and without your help the crew of those ships will meet an untimely end!

While the Red Nova occupies the mothership you must use your skill to pilot the Raven heavy transport against the fighter onslaught launched by the mothership. After repelling each wave of enemy ships you will have to pick up and transport the crew from their ships to the Red Nova.

Bonus Material

The first Red Nova short story: Test Pilot

1080p Desktop Wallpapers: Starhawk | Red Nova and Fighters | Red Nova orbiting Mars


  • Universal app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
  • Game Center leaderboards
  • Retina Display graphics
  • 4 scaling difficulty levels
  • 5 playable ships (Episode 1)
  • 5 power-ups
  • 7 different enemies
  • Dynamic camera zooms in when things get intense
  • iOS Controller: use an iPhone or iPod Touch to control Red Nova on an iPad wirelessly
  • Dynamic touch controls for faster reaction times; no more hunting for fixed virtual buttons when it counts

iPhone 4 Screenshots

iPad Screenshots

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